Why You Should Avoid DIY Dent Removals

DATE: 27/10/2016 06:57am | CATEGORY:

The Temptation to DIY Your Dent Repair

Have you recently had a minor traffic accident or been caught in a hail storm? Is your car looking a little worse for wear with dent damage on the hood, boot or roof of your car? The idea that you can fix the car dent yourself is a tempting one. After all, DIY dent repair is a cheap solution to the problem, right?

When it comes to car dent repair, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Here’s why.

DIY Risks

While DIY dent repair may seem cheaper than requesting help from a professional dent repair service, it can actually wind up being far more expensive. With a DIY dent repair job, there’s a high chance you won’t be able to perform the repair at the same standard as a specialist in paintless dent repair can.

The risks of DIY dent repair include:

  • Lack of professional care – Surface dents to your vehicle could possibly signal more widespread damage underneath. If you’re not a professional, you might accidentally overlook such problems, putting the driver at risk.
  • Damage to the paintwork – If you do not have the expertise to use dent removal tools, you may cause even more damage to your car – this time to your paintwork. Using paintless dent repair equipment takes a skilled hand and it’s much harder than it looks. Unfortunately, inexperience with DIY tools often makes a dent problem much worse.
  • Ineffective result – Unlike working with a professional, there is no guarantee your DIY repair method will work. If you’re left with a poor result, you’ve not only failed to fix the problem or possibly made it worse, you’ve also wasted money on purchasing DIY tools you’ll never use again.
  • Cost – If you accidentally make your vehicle’s damage worse, it will cost you more to fix than fixing the original dent would.

Professional Dent Repair by Planet Hail Team

Planet Hail Team are professional dent removers and can help you achieve a clean and undamaged look, making your car look good as new. We perform dent repairs on the Sunshine Coast and offer a range of convenient and affordable services to suit you, including mobile dent repair (no need to drop your car into our technicians, we’ll come to you!)

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