How To Protect Your Car From Hail Damage

DATE: 27/10/2016 07:05am | CATEGORY:

Violent storms, flooding and large hail damage thousands of vehicles in Queensland every year. Hail damage can actually do a great deal of damage to your car, so it’s best to be prepared and have a plan in place so you can avoid hail damage repairs.

Find cover from hail damage

The safest and simplest step to prevent the need for hail repair is to pull into your garage or under a protected area nearby.

What to do when cover isn’t available

Here are alternative options for hail cover if you don’t have a garage or convenient area nearby:

  • Use a padded car cover
  • Cover your car with blankets
  • Shield your roof with your car’s floor mats

If you are using these methods of hail cover, it’s very important to take special care to cover the hood, roof, and boot of your car, as these are typically the most susceptible to hail damage. These places are most likely to need hail damage repair.

When you’re on the road

There are a number of places you could pull over to if a hail storm strikes. Choose an undercover place, such as an overpass or a petrol station, to park and wait for the storm to pass.

If no cover is available, it’s best to slow your vehicle down. The chance of incurring damage to your car rises with the speed of your vehicle. To minimise damage, pull off to the side of the road and bring your vehicle to a complete stop. Angle the nose of the vehicle into the wind so that the hail hits the reinforced windshield before striking the windows in the sides and back. If there is a blanket or similar in the car, pull it over yourself for extra protection in case your car windows shatter.

Steps to take after the storm has passed

Once the hail storm has passed, you need to carefully and safely exit the vehicle to assess the damage. Check for dents, broken glass, busted headlights or other damage. Next, check your insurance policy to be sure hail damage is covered. If covered, file an insurance claim as soon as possible. While the damage is still fresh, discuss your hail dent repair options with your insurance adjuster.

Didn’t get your car out of the hail in time to save your car from damage? No problem, we can help! Get in touch with our hail dent repair specialists Planet Hail today on 1300 705 670.