My Car Was Damaged In A Hail Storm – Next Steps

DATE: 27/10/2016 06:46am | CATEGORY:

Steps to Fixing Hail Damage

Contact insurance company

First, contact your insurance company to find out whether your car insurance policy includes hail damage repair. This can help you reclaim some of the damage costs.

Select your dent repair method

Second, assess the type of dent repair your car will need – paintless dent repair or traditional body shop repair.

For most cases of hail damage, paintless dent repair will be your best option. Paintless dent repair is ideal for the dents created by hail. Other benefits of paintless dent repair include:

Affordability – Paintless dent repair is by far the cheapest hail damage repair option, meaning you’ll save significantly on repair costs.
Saving time – This method of hail dent repair takes only a few hours to perform, compared to the couple of days that a traditional body repair will take.
Reliability – Paintless dent repair is a reliable way to retain your car’s value.
Offering an eco-friendly choice – The paintless hail damage repair process ensures that no harsh or toxic chemicals will be used during the repair, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional repairs.

If the hail damage is severe with paint damage, you may need to use a traditional body shop instead

Get an estimate

We recommend getting a few quotes on your hail damage auto repair before choosing your repair service.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the best quote and service possible:
● Clean your car beforehand so that the inspector can do an accurate assessment of the damage.
● Talk to the repair specialists to understand exactly how they plan to fix your car.
● Ensure you receive a quote beforehand, rather than after the job is completed.

Contact Planet Hail Team today

At Planet Hail Team, we use an advanced technique called paintless dent repair to shape your car back to its original form with stunning results. If you’d like to find out more about our affordable hail dent repair service, contact our team today for a quote.