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Tolecut Shop – Dry Topcoat Touch-Up System

Tolecut Shop Touch-Up System uses state of the art Dry Lube technology to prevent both loading and deep scratches.
Nibs and runs can be eliminated in a fraction of the usual time using Tolecard or Toleblock.
Speedy and extremely uniform finishes, which can be removed easily by Buflex or any micro finishing compound.

  • Fast & efficient cutting power.
  • Extremely shallow scratches.
  • Ideal for waterborne and high solid paint systems.
  • Dry application allows easy monitoring of working area.

Colour-coded for fast identification:

TOLECUT BLACK (Finishing equivalent +/- P3000).
TOLECUT GREEN (Finishing equivalent +/- P2500).
TOLECUT PINK (Finishing equivalent +/- P2000).

Tolecut Australia can supply all of your Tolecut System needs, including individual Tolecut Blocks, Tolecut Sheets, Buflex Sheets and Tolecut Kits. Kits are the most cost efficient way to purchase your Tolecut products.

With fast, efficient ordering and delivery times Tolecut Australia will be saving you time and money before you know it!





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