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Sergio’s Cola Fria Australia 150g


Sergios Cola Fria is an innovative new cold glue system originally designed to assist in the removal of large depressions in motor vehicle panels.

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Sergio’s Cola Fria is an amazing and innovative product new to Australia and is used to aid in the removal of large dents and depressions in motor vehicle panels.

Sergio’s Cola Fria – or ‘Cold Glue’ is a sticky putty, developed in Brazil, primarily for use in the PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) industry. Cola Fria has the strength to pull large dents from any panels including Pillars and Rocker panels.

The beauty of Sergio’s Cola Fria Australia – is its innovative ‘cold’ design. No more hot glue guns and sticky hot glue to contend with, and able to be utilised with existing slide hammers and glue tabs.
Sergio’s Cola Fria Australia will assist in markedly decreasing repair times thereby increasing your profits.
As we are all aware – time in business is money, so to help increase your profit margin order your ‘Sergio’s Cola Fria Australia now.