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Carbon Fibre Hail Rod Kit


Carbon Fibre Hail Rod Kit. Australian designed and manufactured 4 piece carbon fibre hail rod. Amazing overall length of 2.71 meters. Will work with most of the more common Pdr tips currently available (for example Dentcraft and Ultradent). Comes with a complimentary Paintless Dent Repair Tool Bag.

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Full Carbon Fibre Hail Rod Kit – encompassing Carbon Fibre Hail Rod Base, both Short and Long extensions and a complimentary Hail Rod Kit bag valued at $77.00 for ease of transport. Cue Ball handle and has been designed to fit most of the common pdr repair tips currently available (Ultradent, Dentcraft to name a few). Light weight beautifully made and with an amazing overall length of 2.71 meters this beautiful tool would have to be one of the longest carbon fibre hail rods available on the market. Vans, Buses and all of those larger vehicles are no longer out of repair reach. By far the most cost effective way of purchasing your new Carbon Fibre Hail Rod.