Paintless Dent Repairs vs. Traditional Body Shop Repairs

DATE: 22/09/2016 06:10am | CATEGORY: Blog

What’s the difference?

Both techniques claim to make your damaged car look good as new. What’s the difference?

Actually, the difference between paintless dent repair and a body shop repair can be quite substantial in terms of time and financial cost.

Paintless dent repair, also known as PDR, is a specialised technique that involves using metal rods and body picks to gently tap and push out minor dents from the underside and outside damaged panels of a car.

In contrast, body shop repair entails removing the original paint around the dented areas and applying body filler and putty to the surface of the car. A primer coat is applied on top before sanding and repainting the panel to match the car’s original paint.

Why choose paintless dent removal?

Compared to body shop repairs, paintless dent removal is quick, affordable, and kind to the environment too.

Save money and time

Of the two dent repair options, PDR is the most cost-effective. While body shop repairs can run up to a few thousand dollars, paintless dent repair will only cost a couple of hundred.

In addition to a financial headache, body shop repairs can also take up lots of valuable time. While traditional body shop repairs can take between three to six days to finish, in most cases PDR can be completed in less than an hour.

Retain your car’s value

One of the best benefits of the PDR technique is that it can restore the original look of your car without the need for costly bodywork or repainting, both of which can decrease the value of your vehicle.

While a vehicle will look new with a body shop repair, the body filling technique will not fix the dent in a long-term, sustainable way. Repainting can also occasionally lead to a variation in colours between the original paint and the newly painted area.

The PDR technique will allow you to fully preserve your car’s resale value. If the damage to your car consists of shallow dents and dings, PDR will help you fix the damage, rather than cosmetically ‘hide’ it.

With paintless dent repair, there is also no risk of ruining your paint finish. Quality PDR technicians can achieve a seamless paint finish by blending high spots to match the original paint.

An eco-friendly choice

Body shop car repairs can not only cost a fortune for your wallet. From chemicals and solvents to primers and paint, traditional dent repair techniques can wreak damage to the environment.

PDR is a more eco-friendly choice because the technique does not involve these expensive and harmful chemicals. In fact, PDR does not involve chemicals, primers, paints or fillers of any kind, making it a safe choice for the atmosphere and planet.

Offering impressive cost and time savings, with a professional finish and eco-friendly process, PDR is by far the best choice for dent repair if your car has superficial or minor damage.

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