Hail Sale Knockout Deals… Who Really Benefits?

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We set the scene; you’re relaxing in the car or on the lounge when an ad comes on and Mr. Smooth Suave Salesman starts crooning, “Hail Sale… Massive clearance… All stock must go… Crazy prices… Don’t miss out on these supeeerrr saviiiings…” You’re alert now, ears pricked at the ready. Thoughts tumble through your head… It hailed recently? You need a new car? There’s a very convenient ad on right now… Let’s go get a hail damaged car and save big!

It seems like a foolproof way to keep money in the bank and sometimes it is, but it’s easy to get caught out. It’s not just for the caryard sales either, private sales apply here too!

We have some great tips on how to make sure you’re not taken for a ride (badum tish) this hail sale season!


Do you want Insurance on this car?

No – Your journey is complete, proceed to the sales yard for your dream car.

Yes – Follow on…

Some insurance companies may not offer Comprehensive cover for a hail damaged vehicle, only Third Party. A quick phone call to your preferred insurer will give you the information you need.


Do you need to have the vehicle repaired to get Insurance?

No – Your journey is complete, proceed to the sales yard for your dream car.

Yes – Keep reading!

It is very important to be realistic when looking at these damaged cars. If the hail sale is held outside you may not see how extensive the damage is (especially on lighter coloured cars), it may have damaged lights or windscreen, and may need new parts. The caryard may have slashed the prices but the cost of repairs may not equal what you are saving. Caryards will receive a repair quote at WHOLESALE price, but the general public will be quoted at RETAIL price. Whilst not always the case, often the consumer can be out of pocket quite a large sum.

Our best advice is to get a qualified PDR technician, who knows exactly what to look for, to look at the car prior to purchase. You can either:

  • Ask the technician to accompany you to the hail sale on the day to get an on-the-spot figure,
  • Or call your local PDR guys and give them the location and rego of the car, and ask them to have a look on your behalf. They can then email you a quote of the repairs.

You now have a bargaining chip in your hot little hands, who doesn’t love that! Based on the repair figure, you can negotiate with your salesman to ensure your savings will be fairly calculated.


Do you feel this blog helped you make an informed decision?

Yes – Your journey is complete, proceed to the sales yard for your dream car.

No – Well then… do not pass Go, do not collect $200, but you can contact us to ask any questions you may have, or book us in for your hail sale quote!


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